We are California Actuarial League.

For 20 years, Cal Actuarial League has connected UC Berkeley’s business & data analysts to the industry.

We are here for ALL of your analytic needs.

All your doubts and concerns about data analytic opportunities—leave them with us.

We know that no matter what the industry,

no matter where the company—

our fundamentals to professionalism and technical training remain strong.

We will strive to be your premier resource to the analytics job market.



Hello! And welcome to Cal Actuarial League. Over these next weeks, I hope to grant you insight to a fantastic ...
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While preparing for your career is important, Cal Actuarial League recognizes the need for a work-life balance. At UC Berkeley, ...
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In the twenty years that Cal Actuarial League has dedicated itself to values of service to our members and student ...
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Our case competitions first began in the academic year of 2008 - 2009. Since then, our competition structure has changed ...
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Cal Actuarial League ensures that students can receive credits for their extraneous studies. At this time, we have to kinds ...
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Our officer team works to make this organization possible. Their coordinated efforts facilitate communication between companies and students in the ...
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