Flagship Events

Speaker Series: Applications of Analytics

Location 126 Barrows | Thursday, March 7, 2019

Cal Actuarial League Speaker Series is an event where industry professionals will come to share interesting topics in the actuarial industry and also talk about their work experiences. Our main topic of this speaker series is “Analyzing Big Data”. The three speakers in attendance are Karen Kan from Aon, Charles Zhu from Capital Insurance Group and Larry Baeder from Milliman. The topics that will be presented are shown as follow:

Karen Kan (Aon)

Topic: Analyzing Employee Stock Option Exercise Behaviors.

One task for public companies who grant their executives/employee stock options is to estimate how quickly employees will exercise these options. Expected life calculation involves analyzing historical option exercise behaviors, which is a big data set to work with.

Charles Zhu (Capital Insurance Group)

Topic: Predictive Modeling

How to carry a predictive model project from start to finish and give an overview of the model prescribed by the California DOI for personal auto insurance.

Larry Baeder (Milliman)

Topic: Milliman’s Big Data Project: Telematics.

Telematics devices are an interesting new technology that captures drivers’ behavior. Using big data tools like Spark and modeling techniques like GLM and XGBoost, Milliman is currently analyzing telematics data and developing a driver risk score that assesses accident risks in commercial fleets.

There will also be a networking session after the presentations. Do not miss this great opportunity for you to talk and ask questions to the professionals!

Eleventh Actuarial Case Competition Kickoff

Location 222 Wheeler | Tuesday, March 21, 2019

Test your business and analytical skills against challenging business case studies that our partners provide!