The Professional Experience

In the twenty years that Cal Actuarial League has dedicated itself to values of service to our members and student body, Cal Actuarial League has established a stalwart repertoire of professional knowledge.

Our Professional Development team dedicates itself to your experience. Our professional services will guide you on your job hunt, being there for you every step along the way:

  • Knowing which industries and practices best suit your personal preferences and studies
  • Guiding students to job openings and positions at great companies for employment
  • Assisting members build resumes from scratch and to cater them to specific businesses
  • Polishing members’ networking and interviewing skills
  • Connecting members with our extensive alumni network
  • Hosting job search and technical workshops to prepare you for any interview or position in the industry
  • Teaching members’ about the career to give them an edge in any professional setting
  • Providing professional photos for members’ LinkedIn

Keep an eye out for our workshops and professional development opportunities. Please reach out to if you have any questions about your professional future or our services.