The Career


And welcome to Cal Actuarial League.

Over these next weeks, I hope to grant you insight to a fantastic career. The actuarial career has historically been a niche, archetypically known as an antisocial desk job. 

That was 20 years ago. 

Now, with big data and machine learning, the actuarial landscape has changed dramatically. Actuarial sciences now better suits a “business-minded analyst.” Think of Haas majors put together with Mathematics, Statistics, Data and Computer Sciences, Finance, and Economics—that’s an actuary. Actuaries have the training of a data scientist with interdisciplinary strength and stability. An actuary has the analytic authority that few will challenge. 

As President, my sole responsibility lies with you. My team and I are a resource to you. All your confusions, all your questions—leave them with us. For twenty years, we have pursued this endeavor. 

For twenty years and onward, we will fulfill our promise to guide students every step of the way in shaping their analytics careers at Cal. 

To a new academic year!

Cal Actuarial League President

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If you are interested in becoming an actuary, check out two certification entities at the sites below:

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Interested in learning more? Check out this link to view our First General Meeting Event and the slides we presented there. 

We will continue to update this page as the semester goes on!