How to Join

Cal Actuarial League has three tiers of membership.

Public Membership
The first of which is a “Public Membership” which is available to anyone and everyone! Check below to see if you are signed up for our weekly mailing list. You may unsubscribe at any time. General members are able to access all of our company information sessions.

General Members
General Members are those members who have paid a life-time membership fee of $20. General Members have access to member-exclusive events, such as one-on-one resources and mentorship services. Other resources available to general members include, but are not limited to:

  • Resume critiques
  • Professional photos for LinkedIn headshots
  • Career advice and mentoring
  • Our extensive alumni network in major cities across the nation and industries
  • All workshops for technical and professional development
  • Our Family Program and all member socials
  • CAL Officer and Intern Application opportunities

Email if you are interested in becoming a member!


Our officers are a cut above the rest, demonstrating extraordinary analytical talent and leadership. We endeavor to uphold a promise for our officer quality as an applicant in the industry. We strive so that when any recruiter in our network sees “CAL Officer” on a resume, it is a guarantee of quality. We recruit for officers once a semester after all of our events have concluded. Email for further questions.